Welcome to Finanancial Direct Mail.Com the best and affordable Direct mail company, to get started with us First, you start by choosing one of our amazing products then we team you up with your very own dedicated account specialists. They'll help you with creating custom artwork designed to make your product feel personal and stand out from your competitors. If you want to mail your product, they'll use the most comprehensive postal intelligence and demographic data to ensure you are targeting the most strategic areas or prospects, will then print, address and mail the exact number of pieces you need. Here's where it gets exciting.

We give you the ability to spread your mailings out over a period of your choice, most commonly 10 weeks. For example, let's say you're looking at mail. 10,000 direct mail pieces over course of 10 weeks. We could divide the list and mail a thousand unique addresses every week by the end of the 10 week time period, all 10,000 addresses a little been mailed. This strategy can be implemented with any of our awesome direct mail pieces in any weekly quantity. We will also spread out your payments evenly over the weeks, a year mailing. You get results before having to shell out all your hard earned money. Pay Weekly, make more profit as you go.

We've learned over the years that most businesses failed their marketing as a lack of consistency and no ongoing plan throughout the year, so we've taken our weekly mailing strategy and turn it into a program that strategically markets your business every week of the year. For example, after the first 10 weeks of mailings of you're already awesome direct mail piece, we take a new different equally awesome direct mail piece to go back and re target those addresses.

Finally, a turnkey marketing program that will increase your sales and profits, not a few weeks out of the year, but all year long and best part of all, never put any money down for any money up front, whether it's a 10-week program or all your long, you pay weekly and yes, set a weekly budget that works for you. Every single one of our programs is 100 percent customizable. You choose the mailing products, you choose your target audience. You choose the mailing schedule that fits your budget because we're a one stop shop managing your entire project from start to finish because we have the best pricing on print and direct mail. We truly make increase in your sales easier than anyone on the planet. Now that is the male shark that call today or click on the free sample request form at the top right of the website to learn about.

Choose from the following direct mail services depending on your needs.


Post cards

Build Trust

Put a face on your mailer!


Get More Bang for Your Buck

                               Affordable Weekly Payments & Weekly Mailings, No Money Down, Pay Only When We Mail 

scratch offs

Incentives Help Convert!

Why not saturate the area around your business by direct mailing your menu to your customers.


Printing custom postcards is one of the most successful ways to increase your sales, and reach customers swiftly and easily. Postcard marketing is a clever strategy for promoting your business, product, service or event. Our standard postcards are available in a variety of sizes on several high-quality paper stocks. You can also use our direct mailing postcards to have your pieces delivered to a list of addresses. If you are looking to really stand out, try our postcards today


Scratch off is a heat-process foil stamp that can be removed with the edge of a coin to reveal the information printed beneath it. A standard or custom shaped die presses the foil onto the surface, which leaves the foil in the specific shaped area. Traditionally, this effect is seen on giveaway and contest printed materials, but has several other creative uses as well. Some businesses develop trivia games or hidden story segments that are revealed only after the foil is removed.

Magnetic card

Searching for an easy and effective way to increase sales and expand your local marketing efforts? magnetic direct mail that can attract the attention of the locals long after other advertising is forgotten. The reason is that our magnet products are more than just advertising message. They are physical products that are very useful. Refrigerator Magnets hold up treasured photos and keep important messages from being forgotten, and our magnetic postcards can keep money-saving coupons handy for families on a budget. That makes magnets and magnet mailers a simple and cost-effective way to build goodwill for your brand, and start a long-term relationship with your customers.


               "8 out of 10 people read their mail daily"*




Marketing that lasts for years